Brass our material, “Jewels for wheels”

The brass is not material that we have discovered us, has been used since prehistoric times for ornamental purposes, like coins, utensils, sculptures, ornaments.. etc, the Greeks already knew It as “Oreichalcos” a bright white copper.

In Black Duck began working with this material in manufacture of our parts for the finish that gives our part designs, away from chrome parts; One of the virtues is that oxidation is not affected as other materials as iron.

After being searching different alloys and compositions of brass, we found the type we wanted, tough and easy to machine.

In Black Duck all begins with an idea in pencil and paper, following the design of the 3D part and the later prototype manufacture; We manufacture our brass parts from nuts and bolts, to brackets.

The finished piece has a very nice finish and shine, but we polish by hand to remove all traces of machining and leaving them smooth and fine, for subsequent finishes.

Satin Brass, after polishing by hand the parts, we make a satin to give a retro, vintage looks, with a varnish to have endurance.




Written by Black Duck Parts