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The black finish coating is a stately and elegant finish; the parts of brass with shine paint and stoved at 180 degrees giving our parts a unique touch to put on your bike make a prefect tandem. Though the outside looks black in our black line, the main material is 100% brass; The engraving Black …

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In Black Duck Parts the quality of our parts is our main concern and our commitment to all of you, so for that reason we also do stress tests on our most vulnerable parts. Here, we show you the photos of the BDP stress tests we done with our Speedometer & Starter Switch bracket, one …

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Nowadays in the bike parts market we are used to the standard finishes as chrome and black, better or worse quality. In BDP, we wanted to go further so we designed jewelry for our bikes, because in the end, our bikes are our jewels and we want to equip them with exclusive and high quality …

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Our new finish line In Black Duck Parts, we are always looking for the most quality and innovation. We like unique designs and for that reason, after some researching time with finishes and materials, we have the honor to show you a new finish that now you can find in our parts the “ Satin …

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Brass our material, “Jewels for wheels” The brass is not material that we have discovered us, has been used since prehistoric times for ornamental purposes, like coins, utensils, sculptures, ornaments.. etc, the Greeks already knew It as “Oreichalcos” a bright white copper. In Black Duck began working with this material in manufacture of our parts …

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BDP; BLACK DUCK PARTS ® is a company focused on the design and creation for motorcycle parts; Directed to Bikers demanding wanting to have exclusive parts on their bikes with exceptional finished. Our designs are born from demand for new parts on the market to transform bikes with finishes that are beyond chrome and black. …

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