Nowadays in the bike parts market we are used to the standard finishes as chrome and black, better or worse quality. In BDP, we wanted to go further so we designed jewelry for our bikes, because in the end, our bikes are our jewels and we want to equip them with exclusive and high quality parts.

The GOLD that we use:

The plating GOLD 24k in our parts is purchased and certified in Spain, refined Maximum 99.99% and is not mixed with other materials or alloys. We use GOLD 24k pure .
Once we have the part made on brass, is polished by hand to remove all marks made by manual machines we use later come into process plating and engrave.

The GOLD (flash) 24k applied on the polished brass makes over time, if this layer wears out, the part still retains the same appearance.

In Black Duck Parts we only use high quality materials.



Written by Black Duck Parts