We have developed a new Velocity Stack

Made of 100% brass, this new design is based in elegant lines and balanced curves. Three parts make this Velocity, the base and the body are assembled threaded and locked by a security hidden screw; The Body has a knurled, giving a nostalgic looks.In between has a special steel filter to stop dust and dirt entry, this filter is totally washable and reusable.
We offer it in black coating, Satin Brass, Gold 24K and last finished that we have in other BDP parts, “Satin Chrome”.We offer this Velocity with our Velocity support and crank case breathers tube in different finished (Black coating, Gold, Satin brass and Satin Chrome) to do it yourself combination.

Includes slotted breather bolts & oil tubes. This Velocity has been designed for all bikes models with CV or EFI system Harley-Davidson OEM;

Mounting hardware included.



Written by Black Duck Parts