BDP; BLACK DUCK PARTS ® is a company focused on the design and creation for motorcycle parts; Directed to Bikers demanding wanting to have exclusive parts on their bikes with exceptional finished.

Our designs are born from demand for new parts on the market to transform bikes with finishes that are beyond chrome and black. Our base material is brass, a material that has been used since ancient times for jewelry and ornaments.

Black Duck Parts ® is constituted by a team that has over 15 years of design experience in the automotive industry, with a trajectory of great success in international projects.

In 2010 the full potential goes under the trade name Black Duck Parts®, being place in the motorcycle world relatively unexplored until now to a high standard, the manufacture of 100% brass parts with 24k GOLD finishes.

After 4 years of research, testing and designs Black Duck Parts ® launches a line exclusive parts, made of 100% brass and 24k GOLD plated, thus creating a precedent, a finished parts with high-quality and exclusive motorcycles.

Through this blog you can follow our creations and works; you can also read our articles and enjoy photos events that we publish. The Black Duck PARTS customers also have their place, where you can see photos of his bikes with our parts, so you can see how their bikes are spectacular with BDP parts, don’t miss it!

Written by Black Duck Parts